Before Contacting
Before contacting, please read the following.
After reading, and if you feel interest towards Aman Group's kitten, contact me by email form.
Steps for adopting
When contacting Aman Group, please be sure to fill in the necessary information.
・ Name (your official name)
・ Email address.
・ Phone number.
If the information you provide is incorrect, there shall be no way to return to you.
Please note if the email address you use is the free email address it may not reach us.

Also, I am re-contacting in turn, please be sure to return back or otherwise I may think you have lost interest towards my kittens.
By receiving your return message about which kitten you like to have, that kitten is treated as "Tentatively Reserved".
After you deicide the kitten you like to have, please finish the deposit payment in a week.
Amount for deposit is half price of the kitten.
By confirming the payment, the kitten's status is to be turn to "Reserve".

Note: Cancellation from your side, no matter what the reason is, deposit shall not be returned.
Name of your kitten
Please inform the name that you would like to give to the kitten.
If it is informed by the kitten becoming 3 months old, it can be formally registered and should be shown on the pedigree.
The official name should be shown as "Amangroup xxxxxx".
Moving Schedule
Aman Group basically requests the new owner to come to the cattery and pick up the kitten.
But if it is difficult for some reason, the kitten can be delivered to the nearest station of yours.
For this service, actual expenses have to be paid separately.

For the new owners living far, delivering via air is also available but only direct flight from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport .
During winter season, sometimes it shall not be available to deliver by via air due to consideration of the kitten’s health.
Payment of the remaining fee
Payment of the remaining fee needs to be done one week before the kitten moves to their new home.
If the new owner can not come to the cattery and the kitten has to be delivered, that cost is to be added to the payment.
After confirming the payment, 2 sets of "Transfer Contract" are to be handled to the new owner.
Also a package of "Welcome Kit" is to be given to the new owner.

The "Transfer Contract" contains the kitten's conditions which need to be agreed and to be followed by the new owners.

Please read it carefully, sign one copy and return to us by the retuning envelope included in the mail.
Handling/Delivering date shall be done as scheduled between the new owner and Aman Group.
About Report・Pedigree・Number of TICA/CFA (Only breeding)
Please give me a recent-state report on a photograph and picture attachment once in half a year after delivery. When I yield as a pet, please send the copy of the receipt in which the contact of the hospital was written after castration and a contraceptive operation. Then, I send a pedigree.
Requests and Notes
<For the new owners>
In-door life
Please raise the kitten in-door only, through its entire life.
This is to avoid them to be caught from sickness, injure or the unnecessary accident.
And the new home has to be "Pets Available" places.
As your family member
Please take care of him/her as your loving family member with love and care.
Take all the responsibility for him/her for rest of their life.
Never sell or pass him/her to another person or 3rd party.
In case if you become difficult to live with him/her, please contact Aman Group before making any decision or action.
Neutering or spaying needs to be done within the best timing that the veterinarian suggests.
This is also an important issue for the kitten to live their life healthy.
(If you are looking for a kitten that can join your breeding program, please inform at the beginning. Contract needs to be modified)
Health Care
・Injection: Triple Vaccine needs to be shot once a year.
・Foods: Comprehensive food such as "Hills", "Royal Canin" etc. These types of foods are produced and specialized for the feline health.
・Taking to the vet.: Whenever you are anxious of the kitten/cat health, be sure to take her/him to     the vet as soon as possible. Never try to make decisions only by yourself.
<Request from Aman Group>
In case if the kitten dies in 3 months after its moving to the new owner, send the certificate of the vet to the Aman Group.
If the reasons are based on the kittens’ health, total amount of transferring the kitten is to be refund.
Or, if the owner requests for the substitution, another kitten is to be handled with the same condition.
Things included in the price of the kitten
・Pedigree issued by the local cat club (Enjoy Cat Club in Japan)
・TICA/CFA Pedigrees (Only for the breeders)
・Certificate of the 1st time triple vaccine of the kitten.
 (For the 2nd time, basically owner takes the responsibility of letting him/her receive it.
・If the 2nd shot was also done by Aman Group, its fee is asked as a additional cost.)
・Health check fee, Kitten Album and some toys the kitten loves.
・Sample of the dry foods of which he/she is eating.
Things not included in the payment
・Cost for moving
・Carrie bag
・FIV, FeLV Blood testing (done upon request only)
Other tests (done upon request only)
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