About Us



Thank you for visiting Cattery Aman Group’s Website.
Cattery Aman Group started its history in year 2000, A Maine Coon boy named Dari was the very reason for me. He was my first Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon, who had a gentle and wild looking. He really took my breath away. To me, he was a kind of a boy what MC lovers say "Gentle Giant"! And he had all. With his breeder’s advice, I started my career as a breeder to extend his line.

My cattery name "Aman Group" is named after the famous hotel group. Aman Resort is famous by being unique, not only in its location, but in its design, mood and guest experiences. The group is one of the top brands and for that the tourist all over the world wishes to stay there. I too love the basic principle of this group and so I decided to use its name to follow their spirit.

The word "Aman" has meanings of "Trust", "Safety" and "Peace & Tranquility ". Just being there and you feel calm and secure... Being with the Maine Coon I have breaded, I wish you to share the same feelings, Trust", "Safety" and "Peace & Tranquility. They will be your loving forever mate and I am putting my goal to raise healthy and good tempered “Gentle Giants”.

My cat’s names are all named after the hotels of Aman Resort or the name of the places and each of course has a meaning. Names are given by my inspiration, such as images, characters and/or the personality I feel form each one of them.

Please stop by my website sometimes and I hope you to find out some "Healings" from it.